Why “Mure”?

Why the ‘Mure’ spelling?

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“Although Muir is the accepted spelling of the Scottish family/clan name by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, the armorial history of this specific surname leads to a family from the far southern region of Scotland around Wigtown, and therefore not within the focus of our hypotheses…. The Mure spelling of the surname more accurately reflects the early historical records, and therefore will be the preferred spelling throughout this book. The Mure spelling is also registered with the Lord Lyon Court of Arms, the ruling body on clan/family law in Scotland. Nonetheless, this is an arbitrary choice since there are several other common versions of the name. It is interesting to note that the very ancestors of the Mures registered by the Lyon Court are listed in the Ragman Rolls of 1296 CE as ‘More,’ or ‘de la More.’ As we shall see, this earliest Scottish spelling was changed by royal request in the late 1300’s.” p. 2

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