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Photo: Rowallan Castle, home of the Rowallan Mures

Welcome to The Mures! This site is all about Family – including those whose surnames are More, Moore, and Muir. And including those with Scottish and Irish roots.

I have started this site primarily to get my Mure family history, just published, before the public. The book is titled The Origins of the Mure Family. Written by Robert B. More, it is a 78-page paperback published in 2015, containing color graphics and photos, and appendices of the family trees of the Mures. The price is $14.95, and on-line purchase is now available.

International orders can now be placed through PayPal – and as you might guess, it can add considerably to the $15 cost of the book – about $11 for most European countries!

Here’s the front and back covers:
Mure book cover 600 001Mure back cover 001

and the Table of Contents:
Mure book table of contents 001

Last Modified on April 30, 2015
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9 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Mike Scott

    Looks good Bob!

  2. Jann Muir Webb

    I am so happy for you and all our kinsmen & women that now have this valuable resource.
    A job well done Clann Brother.

    Jann Muir Webb

    • MacBear

      Thanks, Jann!
      It was a labor of love that took me a lot longer to finish than I thought. And now, of course, I am seeing all sorts of information that I could have included. Looks like I’ll have to work on a second edition!

      • Jann Muir Webb

        Our history is a forever labor to place in just one place.
        I see more than one new edition in your future.
        This is such a needed collection for so many, and long overdue for the kinsmen & women.
        So very needed.
        Looking forward to your continued works.

  3. MacBear

    Gives me great pleasure to know I have helped someone get closer to their family roots. Feel free to ask questions – can’t guarantee I’ll know the answers, but I’ll give it a try.


  4. Christine Sattler

    Hello, how much is the shipping to Germany?

    • MacBear

      Hello! I got a quote from the post office yesterday: shipping one book to Germany will be approximately $12.00 U.S.

  5. Katrina Little (nee Muir)

    i am still stuck on my muir roots tying back to ayrshire cc 1700 I cannot seem to find a clan link.

    • MacBear

      Katrina, I am not certain what you are looking for in terms of a “clan link.” I am confident that you are of Clan Muir since Ayrshire was the heart of Muir lands and families. If you are looking for a genetic connection in your family tree, I can understand your frustration. It is very difficult to find Scottish records from 1700 or earlier that connect to your family tree. I have had some success by paying for the international membership in – the fees seem high, but I made great progress on my tree using this approach. In addition, I highly recommend that you try Scotland’s People – I have found useful information on Scottish records there. If you have names of relatives from the 1700 era, you may find some clues in my book in the two appendices, which outline the family trees of the Muirs of Rowallan and the Mures of Caldwell. Good luck in your quest! Feel free to ask more questions… RBM

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