What They Are Saying:

From Kurt Moore, Founder of Clan Muir Society Worldwide:

Hi Bob. I wanted to thank you for your gift of your book. I have read it cover to cover and I must say it is an excellent historical reference. Your book is precisely what our Clan needs and is precisely what I had in mind when I formed the Clan Muir Society Worldwide. I am going to contact the current President of the Society, Jonathan Ferraby, and strongly recommend that your book be highlighted as the most reliable reference on our Clan and furthermore that it should be linked to your website (with your permission of course). I will also strongly encourage all Society members and interested parties to purchase a copy for themselves to put in their libraries and use as a reference.

Well done, Bob. You should be very proud of what you produced as it is the culmination of much work and indicates a strong love of the Clan.

Alba Gu Bragh,

From Jonathan Ferraby, President, Clan Muir Society Worldwide:

One of the aims of the society is to promote clan history, research and knowledge so that it can be shared and help all to gain a deeper understanding of our genealogical, historical and cultural roots. I believe the knowledge of how we came to be, what happened and where we went in the past helps us all in an understanding who we are today, dispelling myth and mystery from fact in the process. I believe this is an invaluable gift that enriches our lives which we have an obligation to pass on to our children. For, without culture and foundation we risk in losing the very essence of what made us what we are today.

With this said, I am honoured to be able to promote the work of one of our scholarly Clansmen, Robert More. Robert has spent considerable time and research in writing his first book The Origins of the Mure Family…. In closing I wish to congratulate Robert on his work and look forward to future publications and research.

With compliments,
Jonathan Ferraby
Clan Muir Society Worldwide

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